Upcoming Litter -  Due approx Feb/March 2024.

Rosie is having her final litter. We have limited spots left for this litter so please make sure you complete an application form.
Rosie and Reggie had a spectacular litter of 10 puppies in February 2021  so we are excited to repeat this mating. We are lucky to keep in-touch with majority of the 10 siblings - Nora & Teddy living close by, others we follow on social media, Fred the Cobberdog being our Famous Red Carpet boy. Cherry B coming 1st in all her obedience & proficiency classes. Mum and Model (Tagalong Georgina Rose) living with the lovely Lisa at Lovelocks ACD and our cuddly Violet who will have her own litter one day.

Sharchum Savanna's Rose.
Size - Standard/Large
Coat - Wavy 
DNA Breed  Profile - complete
Hips/Elbows - very good
Rosie is a gentle giant, loving nothing more than cuddles on the couch.. She is eager to please, a little sensitive ,very nurturing and outgoing. Energy levels are low to medium.
For more info on Rosie go to our page under Our Tagalongs.

Spring Hills Reginald (Reggie)
Size - Medium
Coat - Wavy
DNA Breed Profile - complete
Hips/Elbows - very good
Reggie is gentle, confident, warm natured, outgoing and goofy with a low to medium energy level.
For more info on Reggie go to Spring Hills Australian Cobberdogs website. Photo compliments of Spring Hills. 

Rosie & Reggies First Litter.

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Upcoming Litter - Due approx Feb/March 2024

We are excited to announce this mating with Spring Hills Starlit Daisy & Alkira Handsome Huey.

 Please complete an application form if you are interested as we only have availability for 3 more Families for this litter.

Spring Hills Starlit Daisy
Size - Medium
Coat - Straight
Hip/Elbow results - very good
DNA Breed Profile - Completed
Daisy is highly intelligent with very strong sustained eye contact. She is very affectionate loving everyone she meets. Daisy is also a fabulous Mum.
Daisy is the Daughter of Spring Hills Stella & Spring Hills Reginald (Reggie).

Alkira Handsome Huey
Size - Small Medium
Coat - Straight
Hip/Elbow results - very good
DNA Breed profile - completed
Huey is a friendly, emotionally connected, outgoing, goofball. He loves playing with children and is very patient.. Huey has terrific eye contact and human connection.
Photo of Huey compliments of Spring Hills Australian Cobber dogs.