The purchase process

Phase 1 


When we have an upcoming litter we will announce it on our Facebook, Instagram, and website.

Phase 2 


Our application form becomes available for you to fill out and submit. You will find the form on this website in this section.

Phase 3

Applicants selected

From the applications submitted, we, unfortunately, can only select a limited number of successful applicants. If you are selected you will be contacted by email & SMS.

Phase 4

Contact + Deposit

We send the successfull applicants a contract of sale and ask for the $1000 deposit.

Phase 5


This is the waiting period, the most grueling time. A dogs gestation period is approximately 63 days from conception. After that, it is another 8 to 9 weeks until puppies are able to leave their mother.

Phase 6

Puppies are born

Puppies are born what an exciting time! This is the only time that we ask there to be no messages from purchasers, we will contact you! We don't like to take away from important puppy time and it can all become a bit overwhelming being inundated with messages.

Phase 7

Regular Updates

As the puppies grow you will be able to follow along with regular updates on our Facebook, Instagram and website.

Phase 8


Once puppies are at the stage that they start to show some personality, which is 6 to 7 weeks old, we carefully assign a puppy to the owner. Once this has happened you will get individual updates on your puppy as they develop.

Phase 9


This is the stage that we discuss payment options and how you want to collect your pup. The collection will be depending on where you live. We have a few options available which include you collecting your puppy or a puppy transport company.  

Phase 10

Forever Homes

Yay, the time you have been waiting for you finally get to meet your little bundle of joy! Plus you are now a member of our Tagalong family. This means you can contact us any tme with questions, concerns, or updates. We love keeping in touch with our Tagalong families which is why we will also add you to our private Facebook group. But for now, you are on your way to start your new life with your pup and my gosh won’t it be a beautiful one.